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Fast and effecive treatment

Hypnotherapy is becoming an exceedingly popular form of therapy for allowing people to take charge themselves in moving forward with their lives.

It allows you to go deep down and recognize what has been holding you back, so you can deal with the root of the problem with the therapists help. It is an independent form of therapy that allows the client to do the work, with the therapist only guiding them in the right direction. 

My name is Naz Akara and I am a clinical Hypnotherapist that is here to help you get your life the way you want to live it and the way you choose to move forward.  

There will always be a free initial consultation conducted via telephone or Skype where we will discuss what you would like me to do for you and why you think you may need Hypnotherapy.

I work within ethical boundaries with the first priority being my client and his or her well being. I am a compassionate and informative therapist with other skills as a holistic practitioner as well. I keep up to date with research in my field and make sure that every session is tailor made, so that the client may finish treatment feeling much more confident to make better decisions without allowing the fear of obstacles getting in the way.

Please contact me if you have any further queries  or would like to book an initial consultation.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Naz Akara

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